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Coming Clean....

March 7th, 2006 at 05:11 pm

Time to post about a cool website I found called inboxdollars.com. I admit, I've been holding out on all of you! (sorry...) I have been signing up for all my trial offers through it for a cash bonus. I was holding out because I can earn money for referring people, but who knows when we'll be allowed to do that here. So, out of the goodness of my heart, I am sharing my little secret. I have signed up for offers and received my gift cards, but I have not received any cash yet so I can't personally vouch for it. You have to earn at least $30 before you can request a payout (easy to do), but then it takes about 2 months to process. But, people on a freebie board I visit have gotten paid, so I am pretty confident it's for real. Also, when you sign up, you can get a $5 bonus for completing an offer. I didn't because I didn't want to pay for anything, but I got credited for the $5 anyway! So, don't complete the offer unless you really want to (I think they are all things you have to pay for). So, there you go! Sorry I held out for so long. This does seem like a cool site. I should be receiving my first check from them in April, so I will definitely post if/when I get it.

Got great news today!!! A few posts back I mentioned that I applied for two work at home call center type opportunities. Just got word that I have an interview with one of them! I hope it pans out! I've heard that it's hard to get hours because everybody scrambles to get them (you schedule your own through their website) but even if I can get a little extra money, I'll be thrilled. Heck, if I can work a couple hours a week I'll be thrilled! There are several products you can take calls for, so the more I get trained on, the more hours that will be available to me. Sounds cool - I hope I can get it! Smile

My challenge is making me lose sleep - literally! I laid awake today thinking about how I am going to come up with that $800 by the end of the month. I had a zillion thoughts running through my head and couldn't stop. Frustrating! But, I do think I'm a little better off than I thought. I have some things pending that will come through this month that I haven't accounted for:

- $100 in sharebuilder bonuses
- 82.87 from Ebay sales that I've transferred from Paypal
- Hopefully $20 on an ebay item that ends tonight
- At least $50 for the GCs I'm listing on Ebay
- Approx $60 for 7 things I am going to list on Ebay very soon
- $20 from gas GCs that I am going to "buy" from myself

Those things would bring my total up to about $509... That means I would only need to make $291 more (an average of $12.12 a day from now til the end of the month). Hmm.... It could be possible. If I get that work at home job and actually get to start working this month, that will help. Still need to figure out what else I can do. But, it is looking a little brighter. We'll see what I can do!

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